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Strengthening Pan-African Identity & Self Awareness

Djimon Hounsou


My vision for the Djimon Hounsou Foundation is to champion a visceral connection between the countries of the African diaspora and the motherland and to heal the wounds that slavery left behind. Together we aim to strengthen Africa’s intergenerational identity and self-awareness through a forward-looking program grounded in the knowledge of our history, our origin, and culture.

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Our Mission

The Djimon Hounsou Foundation (DHF)  is a 501 (c) (3) charity registered in California. 
Our non-profit pursues the following mission:


Strengthen Africa’s intergenerational identity and self-awareness by reconnecting the Peoples of the African Diaspora with their motherland and celebrating Unity in Diversity.


Combat modern-day slavery & human trafficking to stop exploitation, loss of freedom, and identity and educate about the causes, stakes, and consequences of slavery.


The mission of DHF comes to life in  4 distinct strategic programs. Each component supports and strengthens the others. Together they establish a self-sustainable DHF program.


Host and promote the Gate of No Return Marathon Festival Series, which shall take place in various African countries, Europe and the Americas.


Organize sponsored trips to the African continent so that Afro-Descendants around the world reconnect with their roots & culture while gaining a better understanding of the opportunities to stay connected.


Keep former trip participants engaged with their communities at home by partnering with local organizations and building a Pan-African Activist network. 


Combat modern-day slavery and human trafficking by contributing funds, expertise, and value-added programs to local grassroots organizations.


I am not African because I was born in Africa.
I am African because Africa was born in me.


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